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JULY 24, 2007
AUGUST 2007 
United Way 13 Day of Caring Pacesetters Serving their Communities.
Kidney Transplant Fund Raiser.
Annual Christmas Toy Drive .
Annual Christmas Toy Drive
South Click "Setting the Pace" with Tricked Out Custom Cycles Steve Kehler
Community Christmas Party
MLK Parade Pensacola, FL
Day "Setting the Pace" with Pro-Builder Rob Uecker Voo Doo.
Rickey Gadson with Pacesetters MC da "Birdman" Ms Chapter President.
The Drag Strip King "Rickey Gadson" /The Street Bike Stunt King "Jason Britton " & Pacesetters MC President Pensacola Chapter "Kip" doing it Big @ Black Bike Week.
Pacesetters Family Bowling
Easter Fling .
Pacesetter 2nd Annual Fat Tuesday Party the Big & Little kids really enjoyed themselves.
Gulf Coast Universal Riders Fish Benefit Family that lost there home due to a fire.
Pensacola Pacesetters Chapter Thanksgiving!
Annual Christmas Toy Drive.
Ride Against Sickle Cell Bike-A-Thon .
Pacesetters grouping up for ride @ Myrtle Beach.
Easter Fling.
Benefit Ride for Brikyra Horn Cancer Fund.
Pacesetters Ms,AL, FL come together for Mandy Garcino Benefit Ride.
Salvation Army Toys For Tots Ride in Ms.
Thank you for recruiting a volunteer team for United Way of Southwest Alabama’s 2007 Day of Caring on Wednesday, April 25, 2007.  All volunteer efforts – large or small – make a difference in the quality of life in our community.
Jason Briton Executive Editor for 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine/ Team No Limit (Stunt Bike Entertainment) with "Mahagony" Pacesetters Mother Chapter Secretary.
Charity Bike Ride For A Special Little Girl .
Annual Christmas Toy Drive.
Jason Briton Executive Editor for 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine/ Team No Limit (Stunt Bike Entertainment) with Day member of Pacesetters Mother Chapter.
Mayor Frank Melton of Jackson,MS presented Pacesetters MC with the Community Service and Image award of the Year @ Tri-State Ball 2008.
Pacesetters feed a needy family donated via Motorcade escort for Thanksgiving Day !
Community Christmas Party
PrimeTime Sept. 2007 in SSB Mag.
Sept. 2007 2wt. mag.
 Superman @ Legion Of Doom Prospective Chapter 1st Annual Poker Run to benefit Katelyn & Family.
The event was held @ Cocodries 8649 Gulf Blvd, Navarre, FL. This was first time a sport bike club to showed up for Sugarbear Ride, everyone was pleased to see Pensacola Pacesetters come out to support this event.
Pacesetters AL,FL & MS @ Family Fun Day at Hillsdale Park organized by Triple B MC. Gulf Coast Clubs & Local Organizations came together helped sponsor event.
P'Cola 1st Annual Grill Off Contest
Mother Chapter Pacesetters donated FREE school supplies, handed out supplies & also donated/cooked FREE food  @ Community Back-to-School Drive Aug. 9,  2008.
PENSACOLA MOVEMENT OF CHANGE PARADE- August 9, 2008  on Strong & Davis Street Pensacola, FL   the Movement Of Change Parade started @ 3pm . Pensacola Pacesetters Chapter rode in this Historic Event , after ride everyone meet @ the park had a Community Fun Day.
Pacesetters feed a needy family donated via Motorcade escort for Thanksgiving Day !

Unification Ride to Jackson, Ms.
Pensacola Blankets for the Homeless
Pacesetters Founding Members Family/Friends Picnic
       On March 26,2006 a group of young men set out on a Mission to do positive things in their community. In all it has been good overall we have had some members come and some go our number one goal remains the same. Proud to say since 2006 Pacesetters goals of Family, Community Involvement and Charity has been meet thus far. To date we have participated in      155 Charities 1.4 per month & Community Events hosted by Our Club, other Businesses, Organization, Clubs and Community. The reason we include Community Events because all have been free to the public, organizations and clubs with the exception of fundraiser's like Cabarets & Fish Fry. We're not in this for a personal gain or line our pocket off others misfortune but we believe through hard work in our personal lives and as Motorcycle Club we will make a difference in our community.                                           
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Pacesetters Community Service Blog

Pacesetters Community Involvement since 2006

by PrimeTime on 03/13/10

1.            Pacesetters Volunteer Work with Volunteers of America Southeast  06/07/06

2.            Pacesetters Back To School Give Away 08/12/06

3.            MLK RIDE GULF COAST 01/14/07

4.            Pacesetters Senior Bowl Tailgate 01/27/07

5.            Pacesetters Fat Tuesday in Mobile, AL 02/20/07

6.            United Way 2007 Orientation Breakfast 04/11/2007

7.            THE HORSE RIDE 04/14/07

8.            Pacesetters Day Of Caring 04/25/07

9.            Organizing For Back-to-School Give Away 07/28/07

10.          Memorial Ride 08/15/07

11.          Pensacola Setters @ 3rd Annual Ride for Sugarbear 10/13/2007

12.          THE CHARIOTS OF PENSACOLA 10/20/2007

13.          Kentucky Pacesetters @ Poker Run 10/20/07

14.          6th Gear Brotherhood & Fallen Brothers Ride 11/04/07

15.          Mandy Garcino Benefit Ride 11/04/07

16.          Giving Back For Thanksgiving Bay Area Food Bank 11/25/07

17.          Giving Back For Thanksgiving to Home Of Grace in Moss Point 11/07

18.          Salvation Army Toys For Tots Ride 12/2/07

19.          Kidney Transplant Fund Raiser 12/16/07

20.          Annual Christmas Toy Drive 12/16/07

21.          Charity Bike Ride For A Special Little Girl 01/05/08

22.          Pacesetters 2nd Annual Senior Bowl Tailgate Party 01/26/08

23.          Pacesetters Riding in MLK Business & Civic Organization Parade 02/04/08

24.          Pacesetters 2nd Annual Fat Tuesday Party 02/05/08

25.          Easter Fling, Supporting New Business & High School Band 03/15/08

26.          Gulf Coast Universal Riders Fish Benefit Family 04/26/08


28.          Legion Of Doom Prospective Chapter 1st Annual Poker Run 05/18/08

29.          Friends Of Fallen Riders 4th Annual Memorial Ride 06/14/08

30.          Big Bike Brothers Summer Family Fun Day 06/22/08

31.          Mother Chapter Pacesetters Community Back-to-School Drive 08/09/08

32.          Pensacola Pacesetters Chapter Ride In Movement Of Change Parade 08/09/08

33.          Pacesetters Benefit Ride For Brikyra Horn 08/17/08

34.          Big Bike Brothers Voter Registration Drive & Fish Fry 10/11/08

35.          Brikyra's Funeral Sevice 11/22/08

36.          Pacesetters Thanksgiving Basket 11/23/08

37.          Pensacola Blankets for the Homeless 11/29/08

38.          Helping SMOKE SCREEN Gave support at CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK, PLANT CITY, FL  12/13/08

39.          Community Christmas Party 12/21/08

40.          MLK Parade Pensacola, FL 01/19/09

41.          Pacesetters 3rd Annual Senior Bowl Tailgate 01/24/09

42.          Pacesetters donate to Operation Wipeout 02/14/09

43.          Pacesetters  3rd Annual Mardi Gras 02/23/09

44.          Unification Ride to Jackson, Ms. 03/21/09

45.          Pacesetters Founding Members Family/Friends Picnic 03/29/09

46.          Charity Fundraiser For Viki Lynn @ Emerald Coast Dragway 04/05/09

47.          Makayla Scott Medical Fund 06/06/09

48.          Triple "B" Family & Fun Day 06/20/09

49.          Pensacola's Back-to-School Back Pack Fundraiser 07/22/09

50.          Joint Back To School Drive 07/25/09

51.          Pensacola Pacesetters Back-To-School Drive 08/21/09

52.          Divas Cruisin Da Coast 09/04/09

53.          2009 Annual Blood Drive 09/26/09

54.          National Sickle Cell Awareness Most Donors Awarded To Pacesetters 10/14/09

55.          Little Sisters Of The Poor 1st Annual Car Show 10/18/09

56.          Mobile Clubs Unite For All Throttle 3rd Anniversary Tailgate 10/21/09

57.          Pacesetters & Magnificent Misses Thanksgiving Basket  11/22/09

58.          Sam's Club Fort Walton Beach Toy's For Tot's 11/27/09

59.          P'Cola Pacesetters In Conjunction With P'Cola Chariots @ Christmas Toy Drive 12/12/09

60.          Community Christmas Party & Toy Drive 12/20/09

61.           P'Cola a few Setters From Mother Chapter ride in MLK Parade on 01/19/10 in Pensacola, FL paying tribute to the King.

62.          Buck Up For Haiti in Mobile on 01/23/2010.   

63.          Senior Bowl Bike Community Tailgate Party  Free Food   01/30/10.

64.           MLK Parade Biloxi 02/15/10 paying tribute to the King setters ride in the parade.

65.            MLK Business & Civics Parade in Mobile on 02/15/2010.

66.           Pacesetters 4th Annual Fat Tuesday Community Party on 02/16/10.

67.            Cumulus Easter Egg Hunt 04/04/10 Pacesetters participated in this event gave donations & helped with the setup.

68.              Big Brother Big Sister Of South Alabama YMCA "Bowl for Kids’ Sake"  04/24/10

69.             Benefit Ride For Shawn Anderson  05/22/10.

70.             Triple B Family & Fun Day 06/19/10.

71.             Pacesetters Back-To-School Donation To Warmwood Baptist Church 08/01/2010

72.            Pacesetters Donate New Scales To Grand Bay Tigers Little League Football Team on 9/11/10.

73.            Blankets For Homeless In Pensacola on 11/26/10.

74.            P'Cola Pacesetters & The Chariots of Pensacola coming together for Xmas on 12/18/10.

75.            United Way 17th Day of Caring Breakfast on 04/08/11.

76.            Pacesetters MC participated in United Way of Southwest Alabama 17th Day Of Caring Living United On The Gulf Coast our assignment is volunteer work with Girl Scouts Of Southern Alabama, Inc on 04/15/11.

77.            Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama YMCA "BOWL FOR KIDS' SAKE" on 04/16/11.

78.            Silk-E escort in J'Ville on 04/23/11.

79.            Gulf Coast Bikers Spring Break Out Ride 05/07/11.

80.            Jacksonville Pacesetters Supporting Tornado Victims in Tuscaloosa, AL 06/09/11.

81.            Jax Sport Bike Coalition "Come Together For A Purpose" Charity Event " No More Homeless Pets" on 06/11/11.

82.            B'Ham Pacesetters conducted a Community Clean Up at the Center Point Civitan Building on 07/16/11.

83.            Pacesetters Family Day what a day food, beverages, inflatable jumps, games & ride was all free for community events on 07/24/11.

84.            Home-Going For Ms Tee on 08/20/11.

85.            Pacesetters Annual Blood Drive 2011 on 09/24/11.

86.            9th Annual Down Syndrome Buddy Walk J'Ville Pacesetters Participate In The Event on 11/05/11.

87.            Pensacola Pacesetters 1st Annual Charity Ride Benefitting "The Wounded Warrior Project" on 11/19/11.

88.            Pacesetters "Thanksgiving Basket" To Family For Thanksgiving Day went grocery shooping on 11/20/11.

89.            Mother Chapter Pacesetters Participate in "Operation Feed My Brother" on 11/24/11.

90.            MLK Holiday Parade Pensacola on 11/16/11.

91.            MLK Day J'Ville on 11/16/11.

92.            "Set The Pace" Aids Awareness Campaign, Picnic & Charity Ride on 03/31/12.

93.             Nationwide Ride For Justice For Trayvon Martin in Birmingham, AL on 04/18/12.

94.             Nationwide Ride For Justice For Trayvon Martin in Mobile, AL on 04/18/12.

95.             Home-going For Melvin Watson "Rampage" Road Rage Ryderz on 04/21/12.

96.             United Way 18th Day Of Caring Pacesetters Participated In The Charity on 04/21/12.

97.             Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama “Bowl for Kid’s Sake 2012 on 04/28/12.

98.             Mobile Walk to Defeat ALS  “Because You Can”  with Macktonyte Team on 05/19/12.

99.             Picnic in the Park @ Hillsdale Park hosted by Triple B MC. Hat's off to Triple B MC, Local Org's & participating MC's for all coming together for this charity event for the Hillsdale Community! Pacesetters was happy to participate on 06/16/12.

100.             Black Lyfe Annual Charity Ride 07/14/2012

101.             Stuff The School Bus 08/04/2012

102.             Joint Mobile Clubs Back-To-School Drive  08/11/2012.

103.             VA Pacesetters MC Car Wash for Back-To-School Back Packs
VA's Car wash for Back to School Back Packs. 08/11/2012.

104.               Pacesetters 2nd Annual Charity Ride Benefiting "The Wounded Warrior Project"  08/18/2012.

105.               OJG Memorial Ride 09/01/2012

106.               Pacesetters MC Charity Ride For Kylen Tolbert  09/15/2012

107.                   ALL FLAVORZ 2nd Annual Feed The Homeless  B'Ham 09/16/2012.

108.                   Pacesetters Blood Drive  2012 Annual Blood Drive 09/22/2012

109.                   Capitol City Bike Night For United Way Charity 09/28/2012

110.                   Capitol City Bike Night Part 2 For Montgomery Council On Aging 11/02/2012

111.                   10th Annual Buddy Walk 11/03/2012

112.                   P'Cola Pacesetters Feed the Poor at Heavenly Blessings Ministries  11/10/2012.

113.                   Pacesetters Thanksgiving Basket For "Needy Family" 11/19/2012

114.                    B'Ham Pacesetters Select Their Angel From Angel Tree 12/06/2012.

115.                    Toy Run Montgomery Toy Run. 12/08/2012

116.                     A-Kut Above MC Santa & Mrs. Claus Toy Drive 12/23/2012

117.                     Ebony Pearls SC mother's Home-Going Escort Mobile MC's  01/05/2013

118.                      VA Chapter Volunteer work at VA Food Bank 02/16/2013

119.                      VA Pacesetters MC Charity Ride for the Urban League of Hampton Rd, VA 03/23/2013

120.                       Stand Against Cancer Campaign Charity Ride & Picnic 03/30/2013

121.                      Memorial Ride honoring Melvin "RAMPAGE" Watson of Road Rage Rydaz 04/21/2013

122.                      United Way 19th Annual Day of Caring  04/26/2013

123.                      Bike Night for Child Protect 04/26/2013

124.                      Escorts Funeral for Pacesetters Queen Divas 19 year old son Joseph  Labarron Berryhill Jr. 04/27/2013

125.                      Big Brothers Big Sister of South Alabama "Bowl For Kids Sake" 05/04/2013

126.                      Walk To Defeat ALS " In Memory Of Ira Mack" 05/18/2013

127.                      SetDPace Charities & Pacesetters Community Wide Back-To-School Supply Giveaway 08/03/2013

128.                      Charity Ride For Mahagony  09/14/2013

129.                      VA Pacesetters Day In The Community 09/28/2013

130.                      Pacesetters Thanksgiving Basket To Family Who Lost Home In Irvington, AL. 11/22/2013

131.                       Buffalo Soldiers Hampton Roads Chapter Memorial Ride for Buffalo Nate(Fallen Rider) 11/24/2013

132.                       Pacesetters Black Beauty Serving Others For Thanksgiving11/28/2013

133.                       Angels Get On Board  12/19/2013

134.                      Pacesetters "Mahagony" Sponsor MGM Track Team On Behalf Of Herself & Pacesetters MC 01/10/2014.

135.                       BMB Rockets & BMB Rockettes Ride For Starla "Just Trust"  02/01/2014.

136.                       Pacesetters P'Cola Wounded Warriors Project Charity Ride 02/22/2104.

137.                       Pacesetters Looney, Wildman, & Beauty at Linkaff Elementary School Parade 02/28/2014.

138.                       Pacesetters VA Charity Ride To Assist Evolve Youth Org. 03/15/2014.

139.                       Chariot Of Pensacola Charity Ride for Diabetes Awareness 03/22/2014. 

140.                       Pacesetters Stand Against Cancer Campaign, Charity Ride & Picnic 03/29/2014.

141.                       Paying Respect For Fallen Rider VA 06/14/2014.

142.                       VA Pacesetters Keeping Food Bank Grounds Clean 06/15/2014.

143.                       Pacesetters participate in Back-to-School Drive with Women and Men in Christ  07/26/2014.

144.                       VA Pacesetters Charity proceeds went to 35th Street Community Center Norfolk, VA 08/20/2014.

145.                       Charity Ride For Hiawayi Robinson 09/20/2014.

146.                       P'Cola Ride-Out For Sickle Cell 09/20/2014.

147.                       1st Annual Motorcycle Ride For The "New Horizons Foundation" In P'Cola  09/28/2014.

148.                       Ride In Paradise 10/11/2014.

149.                       Toys For Tots Charity Ride In Pensacola 12/7/2014.

150.                       The Great Toy Drive In Mobile 12/14/2014.

151.                       3rd Annual Santa & Mrs Claus Run To CHKD Norfolk, VA 12/21/2014.

152.                       J'Ville Pacesetters Charity for Jean 01/31/2015.

153.                      BMB Rockets & Rockettes 4th Annual Starla Charity Ride 02/07/2015.

154.                       WWP Fundraiser P'Cola Pacesetters 02/14/2015.

155.                       P'Cola Pacesetters 5th Annual Wounded Warriors Charity Ride  02/21/2015.