The Pacesetters Motorcycle Club® was founded by thirteen young motivated men with a vision of making a difference. They wanted to develop something more than just a group of guy's getting together for a weekend ride.

    It started with a casual conversation at the barbershop between Boss Hogg (Treasurer) and Birdman, (Member). They thought it would be a great idea to start a motorcycle club in the area. Bogg Hogg and Birdman talked about this idea for several days and finally Bogg Hogg decided to mention it to another friend to see what he thought about a motorcycle club. Boss Hogg mentioned it to Slick (President), who immediately agreed that it was and excellent idea. From that point Boss Hogg, Birdman, and Slick got together and talked about what the club would represent, what they ultimately were trying to achieve. Ironically, they all had common goals, a common vision of what they thought it should be; an organization that represented unity, an organization that was a positive influence to the youth and communities. They then set out to recruit and not to their surprise, finding respectable young men/women willing to be part of such an organization was an easy task. They were successful in bringing together ten (10) more individuals, who was just as motivated, and on March 26, 2006 they became the Pacesetters Motorcycle Club®.

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We, THE PACESETTERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB®, is a close organization that treat each other with dignity.  Our mission is to strive to conduct ourselves, at the highest level possible, to obtain the respect of our communities, other organizations, and each member.  We value integrity and honesty, and we are committed to serving our youth in a positive way as leaders.  


PACESETTERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB® is drug free organization that prohibits the use of any controlled substances.
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